About the Collection

Our Collection Vans and Pickups consists of European Vintage cars, which are still regarded as examples of most beautiful design, if not pieces of art. Think of classics as the Citroen 2CV, MINI, Fiat Topolino, Peugeot 203, VW T1 Bus, etc. All these cars feature in the books about top car models after WWII.

In our collection we are focusing on those cars which have had an ‘utility’ function. After the second Word War people started rebuilding their cities, farms and the economy at large. Big trucks were hardly available. Most of the moving and transportation of products were done by pickups and vans. The plumber, construction firm, electrician and even retailers were fully using these cars. Very much allowing them to become much more efficient and effective. It was hard work and these cars were heavy loaded, for 6 days a week. No surprise many have gone forever, as was also pointed out in an interesting article of Oldclassiccar.co.uk.

Now after 50-60 years, with the greatest respect, we believe that they need a special position in history so that present and future generations will remember them for their contributions of helping to build the wealth we are now enjoying. We also should appreciate and enjoy their marvelous beauties and fine art they represent. For many of us it will be quite nostalgic and with many good memories and sweet memories. Back to the vintage, to move forward again! Just enjoy!

It is possible to visit this cultural heritage collection with groups by making an appointment through the contact us form.

Jacques Kemp