The three suvivors

Articles and info from Stuart Ulph, Lincoln, owner of the 2cv Pickup 1956:


– After the 2cv was launched at Paris Car show in 1949, Slough factory in UK only started production in 1953, when British rules allowed the (weak) 2cv brakes to qualify for the UK market. Three models: saloon, vans and pickups, but the pickups were only produced at Slough and in very small numbers: 1953: 1; 1954 4; 1955 7 + 10; ’56 9; ’57 10; ’58 24; ’59 1; ’60 35; ’61 30; total: 131 (or according to others only 101) of which 12 SAP (375cc) and 129 SAPZP (425cc-from 1955-’61).

– For Royal Navy: 35 in 1960 and 30 in 1961, so 65 in total, however records only show 35 have been built; very few seem to have survived. They were light enough to be lifted by the Wirldwind Mark 7 helicopters. They were carried by the HMS Albion (30) and Bulwark (35), tough the Navy doubts whether in 1961 the 30 pick ups have been produced, since by then the heli’s could lift a light Landrover. They served in Borneo and Kenya and during the Suez crisis. Since they were too modified, the Navy did not sell them to public; they were given to the sea..and fish playgrounds..though Bob Macqueen beliefs that some showed up in Chellenham.

– special list of items inside like two reading lamps from warplanes, red leather and Lucas indicators with “stop”.
– two colours only: grey and sand and after 1956 only in grey.
– engine: 375cc (from ’53-55) only 12 made; from late ’55 the engine had 425cc.

– the three survivors (as per March 1995):

1. A part of chassis nr 8/535012, 1954; restaured fully, sand clour; owner Stuart Watkins: was thought the only surviver in ’80s!
2. A sorry looking rust heap with chassis nr 8/566009, found in south of England and owner could not pay its bills. It was then bought by a garage in London. Then a Finlander in the UK, Michael Cederceutz (see RN article!) Bought it and started repairing it..?

3. Only in 1994 another was found in the ubiquitous barn in Lincolnshire where it had been lirking since 1971. Chassisnr 8/566005 and registration KST 363, now owned and restaured by Pete at the expense of Stuart Ulph (Lincoln); built in 1956. Originally sold in 1956 to Mr James by Ferris of Inverness and used in the Scottish Highlands. Stuart Ulph, Lincoln bought this car in July 1994 from Simon Taylor who owned it since 1970. Milages then 24,500 and used on the farm. Before 1970, it was owned by Mr John Macdonald as the third owner, living close to mount Ben Wyvis, where it reportedly once climbed to the mounten. Before John, the widow Mrs Georde confirmed her husband was 2nd owner. First owner thus Mr James, Scotland. James read about the pickup in Farmers Weekly and went to Slough to test the car. The logbook shows 6 owners, all in Scotland. It was rebuilt by Pete .

All is well documented.

Jacques kemp
January 2014

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