1953 Goliath GD 750

Three-wheeled light commercial vehicles were quite a common sight in the years just before and after WWII, mostly due to eco- nomic circumstances. The German brand Goliath was very success- ful in producing three-wheelers in the 1930s, but during the war the factory was destroyed. In 1949 however, the first new Goliath left the rebuilt factory: a GD 750 with a 396cc two-stroke twin-cylinder 14hp engine and a modern 4-speed gearbox. It was available as a panel van, a station wagon, a minibus and two types of pickup: one with a high and one with a low loading platform. The GD 750 proved to be very successful and over 30,000 were made until 1955. This small ‘low-loader’ pickup was delivered new to The Netherlands in 1953 and still has its original Dutch registration.
The Goliath-Werke were founded in 1925 in Bremen by Carl Borg- ward. Four years later the Hansa-Lloyd car manufacturing company was taken over. Suffering from mismanagement and excessive in- vestments Carl Borgward’s company folded in 1961.

396cc twin-cylinder two-stroke
Power output
Load capacity
Special details
Delivered new to The Netherlands

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