1956 Citroen 2CV Pickup

A mere 131 2CV pickups were manufactured by Citroën, and only
in the UK. Just three are known to survive. In 1953 Citroën opened a factory in Slough, UK, to produce right-hand drive 2CV saloons and vans for the UK market. Since utility vehicles were popular among farmers, ‘Slough’ also developed a pickup version. Competition from established UK brands like Morris, Austin and
Ford was fierce. Only 66 2CV pickups were made between 1953 and 1959. However, four of these cars were sold to the Ministry of Supply, which led to a large order by the British Royal Navy for another 65 pickups. Their Whirlwind helicopters could easily lift the lightweight vehicles when transported on an aircraft carrier. Furthermore, the 2CV was perfectly manoeuvrable in heavy terrain and a machine gun could be mounted on the loading platform. Citroën briefly restarted production in 1960, especially for this order.
The Navy pickups saw use in Borneo, Kenya and during the Suez Crisis. None of these survive; by the end of the 1960s the Navy literally dropped them into the sea, which was more cost-efficient than taking them back.
The 2CV pickup in the collection is a civilian version and was used on a farm in Scotland.Engine
425cc air-cooled flat-twin
Power output
Load capacity
Special details
UK-built, one of three still known to exist

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