1962 Daf 750 Pickup

It took ten years to find all the necessary parts to restore this 1962 Daf pickup, which is extremely rare. Of the 800 type 750 pickups built only three are still known to exist. Two of these reside in the United States, making this example the only one known in Europe. The previous owner bought the car in 1981 from a landscape gar- dener in Blaricum, The Netherlands, who had the Daf delivered new. After nearly 20 years of extensive use the bodywork was in very bad condition and finding new panels turned out to be a long search. Hardly any of the panels of other types fitted the 750, and the unique parts such as the rear wings and the tailgate were particularly hard to find. Fortunately the then-new owner was able to obtain the neces- sary parts by swapping these within the Dutch Daf Owners Club. The loading compartment, made from mahogany and able to carry 300kg was, however, in good condition and didn’t need too much work.

Restoration work finally started in 1991 and was finished 1.5 years later, after which the Daf went on a Route 66 trip across the United States. The only problem that occurred was a defective odometer; probably due to the thousands of miles it drove.

746cc air-cooled flat-twin
Power output
Load capacity
Special details
Only example in The Netherlands

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