1951 Fiat 500 C Topolino Pickup

This pickup version of the Fiat Topolino 500 C is considered ex- tremely rare. Although history research continues, it is probably one of a small series of six examples made by Fiat itself, maybe as a trial run for production. This is the first of that series and the only one with right-hand drive, which was still an option in post-war Italy. It allowed drivers to get in and out of the car on the pavement side. Another unusual feature is that while all Fiat Topolino pickups have a sepa- rate loading platform behind the cabin that is mounted straight on the chassis, the rear part on this specific vehicle is completely integrated with the front, giving away that it was based on an existing station wagon model. Finally, it has a unique, small sign on the side near the doors, reading ‘Carrozzerie Speciali’, Fiat’s in-house coachbuilding department at the Lingotto factory in Turin. This department was also responsible for styling many racing Fiats and the famous eight-cylin- der 8V (Otto Vu) sports car.

The unique pickup was found in Italy with only 15,000km on the clock. It was used by a one-man workshop in Montanara, Reggio Emilia.

569cc four-cylinder
Power output
Load capacity
Special details
One of only six made

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