MINI 95 Pick up 1250cc

The Mini Pickup is now even rarer than the van, since only 58,000 were made between 1961 and 1983. The commercial versions of the British Motor Corporation’s revolutionary Mini, the van and the pickup, were a bit more basically equipped than their saloon rela- tives. Even the passenger seat was an option, as were a heater, a passenger-side sun visor and seat belts. Yet for people owning small businesses there were many advantages too: both cars were built on a longer wheelbase, and the front-wheel drive and compact in- dependent rear suspension enabled the commercial Minis to com- pete with more expensive medium-sized vans for loading space.

The pickup could be fitted with a canvas rear cover, also known as a ‘tilt’. Strangely enough, the tilt wasn’t produced in black, which was considered the most practical colour. The most common tilt colour, beige, actually became dirty very quickly.

This example of the Austin/Morris Mini Pickup was purchased as a restoration project by its former Belgian owner. During its restoration, completed in 2013, it was fitted with a 1,275cc Mini Cooper engine and attractive, period-style Minilite wheels.

1,275cc four-cylinder (Cooper)
Special details
Fully restored, rare car

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