1958 Peugeot 403

After years of austerity in post-war Europe, economic growth in the mid-1950s saw the revival of design in consumer articles. With the Peugeot 203 saloon now looking a bit out-dated, its 1955 successor 403 was styled by the Italian designer Pinin Farina (from 1961 written as Pininfarina).

Like its predecessor, two estate car versions were available next to the Berline (saloon), both with a 240mm longer wheelbase: the Com- merciale or Break with a normal seat configuration, and the Familiale with three rows of seats, which could carry up to eight people. These estate versions became associated with the small merchant who used his commercial vehicle for family outings during the weekend. The full range included a panel van, a pickup and, from 1956 on- wards, a cabriolet. This became world-famous as Inspector Colum- bo’s personal vehicle in the popular 1970s-80s American television series ‘Columbo’.

Being the more cost-efficient option, the Peugeot 403 remained in production until 1966, even after the 404 had been introduced in 1960. Over a million 403s have been made, this type being the first Peugeot ever to reach that quantity.

1.5 litre four-cylinder
Power output
Load capacity
Special details
Pinin Farina design

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