1956 Renault Juvaquatre

A characteristic, but somewhat strange feature of the earlier Fourgonnette versions of the popular Renault Juvaquatre was that the loading door at the rear opened to the right, the side of the pave- ment. This meant that you had to walk around the door to load or unload the vehicle. Somehow it was never an issue for the thousands of merchants, mainly in France and Belgium, who bought a Renault Juvaquatre to transport their goods, but the hinges were placed on the other side in 1956. That same year the Juvaquatre was equipped with the 845cc Renault Dauphine engine, hence the type designation ‘Dauphinoise’.
One of the people buying this larger-engined van was the Citroën (!) dealer in Vanves, southwest of Paris, who used it as a service vehi- cle. The yellow-and-black Renault has been completely restored.

The Renault Juvaquatre was one of several pre-war cars for which production was continued during the first post-war years to fulfil pri- mary transport needs. The saloon version was discontinued in 1948 in favour of the new Renault 4CV. Production of the ‘Juva’ estate cars and vans continued until 1960, when the Renault 4 took over.

845cc four-cylinder
Power output
Load capacity
Special details
Used by a Citroën dealer in France

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