1976 Saab 95 Pickup Short-nose

Saab Aktiebolaget itself has never built a pickup, but some private coachbuilding companies, predominantly in Sweden, converted Saab 95s into pickups on customer request. In the 1970s even British luxu- ry sports car brand Aston Martin, known for its legendary models like the DB3 racer and James Bond’s DB5 had a few Saab 95s converted into pickups as an apprentice project. The Saab 95 was the estate car version of the 93 and later 96 sedan models and therefore had a loading compartment.Only a handful of pickup models were built overall, making this vehi- cle very rare. It originates from Sweden and is based on a 1976 Saab 95 equipped with the type 93 short-nose front with round headlights. The 1.5 litre V4 engine hardly fitted under the older-type bonnet, making it necessary to reconstruct the engine by placing the radiator further towards the back. The fit is so tight that the bonnet can only be closed when the engine isn’t running.

This pickup has been completely restored and re-sprayed in a beautiful red colour.

1.5 litre V4 (Ford)
Power output
Special details
Custom-built, very

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