1966 Volvo P210 Pickup

The pickup version of the Volvo PV444/544 is a very rare sight, and always has been. In the late 1940s, early 1950s body variants like pickups, station wagons, special vehicles and the odd convertible were not produced by the Swedish make itself. These were made by external coachbuilding companies like Klippan, based on a Volvo-supplied rolling chassis, the PV445: a front part with engine, mounted on a ladder frame with rear leaf springs. The Volvo-built saloon versions on the other hand, had a unibody construction. Volvo noticed that the sale of the chassis was very successful and in 1953 started production of vans, stationcars and commercial vehi- cles itself, based on its own chassis. These cars were called Duett, and in 1960 were renamed P210. Volvo produced these until 1969. The Duett/P210-based pickup was always a bit of an outsider. They were made mostly for the home market and never in large numbers. By the 1960s demand declined because the economy had almost recovered after the war.

This pickup was lucky to be saved, since it served as a workhorse on a farm in Sweden. It has the 75hp Volvo B18 engine and a rare gear- box with overdrive.

1.8 four-cylinder
Power output
75hp (B18)
Load capacity
Special details
Very rare pickup

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